Monday, March 7, 2016

Nothing Like a Good H.E.A

Happily Ever After that is and Downton Abbey sprinkled them all around on the series finale! I for one was thrilled!

Poor little Edith finally found her bit of happiness.

And she and her sister reconciled.
Old romances were reestablished

And Daisy and Mrs. Patmore seem to be embarking on new romances.

Even bad boy Thomas turned over a new leaf.

And of course the zingers kept a-coming!

I really hate to see it all end! How about you? What are we gonna do with our Sunday nights?
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10 comments: said...

I never got around to watching this, shame on me. The boys seem to rule what we watch in our home. I will have to check it out and watch the series.
Thanks for sharing

Lisa said...
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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

My loyal U.K. friends let me know that a new Julian Fellowes drama started last night. Perhaps that may soothe our DA withdrawals. Then of course there is POLDARK!!!

a writing place said...

I am very happy for all who loved it. But I never watched it myself.

Yes, the sets/costumes were fantastic.

But with any great drama, much heartbreak has to happen. And I couldn't face the heartbreak.


Eilis@My-heart-lives-here said...

I loved every minute of it! I thought the award show before it was pretty good too. Sure will miss new episodes.

Stacey said...

Can we still be friends if I confess to not watching for the last few seasons?

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lisa, Oh I hate to see it all end too. I so enjoyed the finale and was thrilled for all the happy endings. I am going to miss Sunday nights at the Downton!! Great photos. Have a great day dear friend. xo

Daniela said...

I'm so sorry that this year I wasn't able to follow the whole series, alas, neither an episode !
Have a wonderful remainder of your week, sweet friend, sending much love to you

Gypsy Heart said...

My sentiments exactly!! Now we need to find another series ~ :)


Rue said...

I watched the first two seasons and got tired of waiting for another, so now that it's over I can watch the whole thing, without waiting ;)

As far as sinks... check eBay, I bought one for my last house and the one for this one for a song. If you don't want an actual vintage sink, I did see some new ones on there too :)


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