Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day Treats

I'm ready for St. Valentine's Day! How about you?
I made plans with the hubster, ordered flowers for a singles dance I'm helping to plan and I've made these happies to share with my tribe.

They are polka dotted canvas bags with all manner of baubles and beads to glam the up.

It's always so fun to create things for your girls. Never have ribbon or buttons meant so much!
Happy Tuesday!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

War and Peace

Have you peeps been watching War and Peace?

It's BBC produced mini-series event on Lifetime, A & E, and The History Channel. Although we are nearing the end you can watch online in connection with your cable carrier.

The sets and costumes are absolutely GORGEOUS!

The casting divine.You PBS lovers will recognize Lily James who portrayed Rose on Downton Abbey (and the lead in the recent adaptation of Cinderella).

And James Norton who stars as the whiskey swigging vicar in Grantchester.

If you read War and Peace in high school or college the story will come flooding back to you but if you didn't don't worry.

This is basically a love triangle set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars in czarist Russia (hence the magnificent costumes).

It's a near perfect historical fiction saga full of unrequited love,betrayal,downright youthful stupidity and the redemptive power of forgiveness. If you are not a football fan this might be a good weekend to binge watch this and get caught up for Monday!

Have a fun filled and safe weekend! And you football fans...I hope your team wins.;-)
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Coffee Table Tableau

I was thrilled when the website Chairish asked me to create a coffee table tableau using items from their beautiful inventory. And what an incredible inventory it is! If you haven't visited Chairish you absolutely must! You can buy and sell vintage furniture.
Do your tastes run mid-century modern? They have that.
Maybe you are a traditionalist. They have that too.
Perhaps you are in a rustic mood. Plenty of that.

For my little vignette I went traditional glam! I thought this coffee table was absolutely dreamy!

I envision The Hubster and I sitting in front of this gorgeous coffee table on Oscar night drinking champagne out of these cobalt blue flutes.

Throughout the night our champagne is chilling in this ice bucket.So chic. You know you can be chic when you are empty nesters!

I am using this lovely tray.

The black grounds the piece while the brass handles give it just the right touch of bling!
Of course I've made the most delicious hors d'oeuvres that I will serve on these lovelies.

We can clean up the crumbs with these tie dyed napkins.

I thought I'd throw in a little modern twist,;-)
Thanks Chairish for inviting me to play!
Kindred Spirits you must check out Chairish.Not only will you find the most beautiful furniture, there are decorative items like pillows and rugs, artwork and tabletop. To get you started here is a link to the coffee table page.Things sell very quickly so be prepared!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Embracing a Classic

All of us gals have a type. In men do you swoon over the strong silent type or a bearded hipster?or maybe the tall,dark and handsome guy floats your boat. In clothing do you favor a traditional blazer? or perhaps a bohemian maxi dress? or perhaps town and country boots are more your style. In houses do you peruse Zillow for a neat cape cod,or a stately colonial,or maybe a stone tudor?
For me I don't have so much a type as a color. I brake for white with black trim.

Over the years Southern Living has featured some beauties.

In blog land there are some really gorgeous homes but the white clapboards with black shutter homes make my heart go pitter patter
Susan Branch's blog and home are both truly endearing.

Joan's labor of love is an inspiration to many.

And didn't we all go along with Bunny's affair with this house?

And one of our all time favorite movies featured this charming home in a lead role.

And Dallas Ft. Worth area has its' share of lovelies.

So I've decided to embrace my type. For my new forever house I'm going white and black!
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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Gina Quatrine opened her shop in 1989 after discovering the lack of beautiful quality slipcovered furniture she had encountered on her trips abroad.With the encouragement of friends she boldly stepped out and has never looked back.
Quatrine specializes in quality pieces with the most beautiful fabrics

and designer styling options such as ribbon, welts, various skirt and wood finishes.
Nobody does designer finishes better than Quatrine.

From dining chairs and ottomans

to living room chairs and sofas

Quatrine has got you covered...slipcovered.
They also carry pillows


and case goods

These shops are truly girlfriend field trip worthy.

In the Dallas area Quatrine is located at 4430 McKinney Ave. They also have locations in Houston,Chicago, Birmingham, Michigan and the flagship store in Manhattan Beach California.
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Look What I Won

I recently discovered a new blog friend and won a giveaway she hosted! Sweetheart Patti from Pandora's Box sent me this!
Is this not the cutest?

And look what was inside!

The most adorable Mackenzie-Childs soap dish.And sweet soaps.

Patti and Sarah from Hyacinths for the Soul have the cutest series called Tales of the Traveling Totes where they go to super cool places with their matching Mackenzie-Childs tote bags!

These tote bags are world travelers I tell you!

The next Traveling Tote Adventure is March 1,2016 so check back with Patti and Sarah to see where these totes go next!

Thanks Patti for the lovely gift!!!!!
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