Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Reading List

I haven't been to the beach yet this summer but I have been reading like I'm on the beach!
This book was a surprise favorite!

Both delightfully charming and quirky I couldn't put this one down! Who wouldn't love a book that centers around a bookstore? My guess is no one. That's why it's been a crowd pleaser on the New York Times Bestsellers List.

I happened to pick this selection up at Barnes and Noble's just because and am so glad I did!

Now this is part of the Cobbled Court series. Of course I didn't choose the first in the series. That would be too much like doing the logical thing. Not to worry. The author gives you enough background on the characters so that you can easily pick it up. The main draw for me with this novel is the main character is left an inheritance of a derelict cottage that she transforms into an inn. Delightful!

We all love a good interior design book and there are a plethora(I don't get to use that word much!)of choices out now.
First up

The Bee Cottage Story
How I made a muddle of Things and Decorated My Way Back to Happiness
By Frances Schultz.
I know you all remember Frances and the wonderful column she wrote for House Beautiful back in the day. And even if somehow that doesn't ring a bell I'd bet my bottom dollar that you remember her adorable kitchen.

with all the blue and white

Any who it's a great read. Part gorgeous interiors part memoir.

I've really enjoyed this book

Paige Schnell's interiors are often times hard to describe but undeniably beautiful. Part traditional but on the other hand modern, clean lines but cozy. I have gone over this one with a fine tooth comb!

Page designed the interiors for the 2012 Southern Living Idea House

Loved that house!

Last but not least I'm reading this

Set in the English countryside.Big Sigh. I'll be back with a real review soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Neighbor's Table

Sarah Harmeyer

is a self professed people gatherer.
Since 2012 Sarah has opened her heart and rustic style backyard table to nearly 2000 guests.

Sarah's Dallas house is small but her yard is not , so she had her Dad build a cedar farmhouse table and benches that seat 20. She hung chandeliers from the tree and got busy inviting neighbors, friends, co-workers and absolute strangers to gather around her table.

Sarah has hosted lunches and showers, concerts and Thanksgiving dinner all around this table.

At each gathering guests sign the table.

Sarah is passionate in her pursuit of hospitality and sincerely sees this as her ministry! I LOVE that! Sarah inspires me so.
I want to love and show hospitality with abandon. To not worry about the napkins all matching or the rolls being slightly overcooked but to delight in the simple presence of my guests and to show the Father's love to each one.
Follow the Neighbor's Table on Instagram here.Or check out her website here.
Did you know you can get Sarah's Dad Leroy to make your very own Neighbor's Table?
Sarah has a goal to have a Neighbor's Table in every state and I hear tell she is well on her way!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Evolution of a House

Dallas designer Lisa Luby Ryan who owns the iconic interior design boutique
Vintage Living

recently sold her home and I thought it would be fun to go back and see all the changes she's made over the years.
The home located in the Park Cities area of Dallas is very English cottage in design.

Now in the beginning she decorated in a traditional English Country cottage style. Lots of chintz and color!

Now this bed is definitely the cat's meow!

So pretty! But soon the talented designer began to lean towards a more neutral color palette.

And these are the photos from her homes real estate listing.
You can see Lisa went with cooler whites and grays.

So gorgeous!!!
For more pics of Lisa's spectacular designs visit her website here

Did you notice the scripture reference used as a border in Lisa's family room? Well she is a born again christian with the most inspiring testimony ever of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Go here to hear her testimony!
Hope you had a wonderful and safe 4th of July Dear Hearts!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Downsizing 101

Like other fellow baby boomers we have decided to downsize.Even though all of our chicks have flown the coop and this decision was unanimously reached and very heartfelt it is still somehow bitter sweet.
Yes. I shed a few tears.:(
Some things I have learned on this journey.
1. You must be ruthless in your editing of possessions!
Do you need 3 soup pots? The George Foreman grill? Really? How many collectibles is too many? Remember only what you absolutely LOVE can make the cut.
2. You'll always have your memories. What you don't have is space!
That's why this piano

and this chinoiserie china cabinet(behind the column)

and this rice bed

did not make the move with us. They are much too large and formal for our new home.
3. Keep only what you must! This pine hutch and table go where I go.

Not only are they sentimental favorites they will fit in with our new casual home and lifestyle.
4. Embrace change!
Easier said than done. We carefully planned this move and are in the process of building our new "old" forever home but this has been an emotional roller coaster. So many "Remember When's". You must learn to let go of stuff while you hold firmly on to your priceless memories and cherished friends and family.
This is an exciting time of life , full of adventure and new beginnings. I am excitedly looking forward to what lies ahead!