Sunday, October 18, 2015

Finding the Rainbow

Holly Newberry
the heroine of Traci Borum's novel
Finding the Rainbow

is a Jane Austen devotee,
especially Emma which has a sentimentality linked to her late mother.
When a movie production company announces plans to film Miss Austen's Emma in Chilton Crosse the whole village gets Austen fever.
Holly even starts an Emma book club and talks her persnickety great aunt Gertrude into hosting it in her grand manor.
Nearly everyone (including a couple of guys) gets on board and soon the fun begins.
Emma aficionados will see charming similarities between Holly and Miss Austen's beloved character.
Both are caretakers of widowed fathers (and in Holly's case 3 younger sisters), both have mad matchmaking skills and both have dear friends of the opposite sex of whom they have no romantic inclinations. Or do they?
Traci Borum's new novel, 2nd in her Chilton Crosse series, will delight readers with her charming Cotswold village setting

her likable characters and her sweet nod to Jane Austen's Emma.
There is something for every reader, including English cottages and grand manors with names like Foxglove House and Hideaway Cottage,

a handsome Texas writer with chivalrous ways
and a sweet border collie puppy named Rascal.
Book Clubbers take note! It would be great fun to read Finding the Rainbow while revisiting Miss Austen's Emma. Then get together and watch Clueless!
Traci Borum

is a native Texan (hence our handsome Texas hero)
dedicated Anglophile (aren't we all?)
and a self confessed lover of Masterpiece Theatre (a true kindred spirit).

PS. I hear tell Traci has a new Chilton Crosse Christmas novel coming out soon.

To get a copy of Finding the Rainbow go here.


Decor To Adore said...

Now you KNOW I love this! Texas and an Anglophile! I am so in. We could start our own Jane Austen book club. :)
Have a lovely fall weekend.

Oliva Ohlson said...

I'm so ready to read be introduced to a new author and get lost in Cotswold Village!!! Thank you for the book recommendation! Have a wonderful weekend!

Rue said...

Hi Lisa :)

That sounds like a great book. You can't go wrong with a nod to Jane Austen ;)


Traci B said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! I really hope you enjoy the book!

And thanks to Lisa for the lovely review!
Traci Borum

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