Friday, February 14, 2014

What I'm Reading

This has been a HARD winter! Especially for us southerners who aren't used to freezing temps.:)
I have found that a good book in front of a roaring fire is the perfect anecdote to the winters blues.

I have really enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert's epic novel, The Signature of All Things

It is fascinating , sweeping and historical all set against the backdrop of 19th century botany.
A definite two thumbs up!

Next in the queue is The House on First Street.

The house depicted in this hilarious account of a post Katrina New Orleans renovation is actually quite famous having been shown on the pages of Elle magazine,New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles and most recently its garden were captured for Southern Living magazine.

I have a fondness of heart for NOLA for she was quite kind to 2 of my children during their academic pursuits and am drawn to her wonderful architecture so I can not wait for this read.
Tell me! What are YOU reading?


Laura said...

I loved the House on First Street, and in fact, I have read all of Julia Reed's books.

I am off to order the new Elizabeth Gilbert book on your recommendation.

I hope you are finally getting prettier days.


Karen said...

Hi Lisa....I have to admit I am not a's terrible I know. However I have heard of a local author who writes in the colonial era and uses all the Cape Cod towns as her back-drop. So looking into those books. Thanks for the encouragement to do this. Happy reading....and Downton watching. Blessings Karen

Stacey said...

The House of First Street sounds wonderful! I'll put that on my list.

A few months ago I found out that at the library you can search for authors who are similar to one you love...or books that are similar to a certain book. Anyway, I searched for authors who have a writing style to Fannie Flagg and I found Clyde Edgerton. He's not really exactly the same but his writing is in southern style and they are enjoyable. Just finished two of those.

I've really been enjoying reading more this winter too. Books and magazines. :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh the House on 1st Street sound so interesting! Thank you for sharing your literary finds.

Stacey said...

Lisa, thanks for your sweet comment about my Dad. I do come by those gardening genes honestly. We always had a beautiful yard when I was growing up and I always loved it.

Have I ever told you that your comments come up as No Reply Blogger? I think so..nobody seems to know how to fix it anymore.

Michelle said...

Oh! I MUST find these books!! We have signs of Spring already showing...I am hopeful that the winter is over. Hope you are doing well! Hugs. xo

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