Saturday, November 19, 2011


Thirty two years ago Vivian Palazzi began a craft project that has become a family heirloom.
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She turned a simple store bought sheet into a tablecloth, complete with lace trim. Anyone who joined her family for dinner would sign the tablecloth and perhaps leave a message. Later Vivian would embroider the signature, creating a lasting legacy.
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This story, in the November issue of Country Living, so touched me. Vivian was 53 when she began this journey. I turned 53 a couple of weeks ago. It's fate I tell you! So I'm off this morning to buy a simple white tablecloth and start my own tradition!


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful tradition and happy belated birthday, Lisa!!! By the way, also adore the cookie cutter sheet calendar! Lots of love and hugs. xoxo

Tracy said...

Lisa, what a cool idea! Be sure to show us when you get started.
Hope you and yours are doing well.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh you answered my question before I got to ask it...I kept I too old to start this? Well I am not...and you know what? I think it takes age sometimes to understand the value of a tablecloth like precious it would be for me to have had one through all the many have came to our I can start and begin inviting again.

Enjoyed this...thanks

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lisa! I love the start of your tradition. And......happy belated birthday!

Liz said...

That is a GREAT idea! :) I hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful Turkey-DAY! :)


P.S. I almost forgot! Happy B-day!!!

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