Saturday, March 12, 2011

My First Pink (and Green) Saturday

Today I'm linking up with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday
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where today in honor of St. Patrick we're doing pink and green! Now how perfect is this little princess's room?

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The designer is Dallas' own Sherry Hayslip. You can visit her website here.


red.neck chic said...

I would tiptoe in to the room and snag that ceiling fan in a heartbeat. I would of course leave something cool in my wake... perhaps some duct tape.

LOVE it!!!
;-D robelyn

Mary said...

Okay first, love the Jade? lamp. I don't know what that's made of, but it's really cool. The poodle step-stool is cute and the tall, tufted headboard is killer.
Great post!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

That is great...makes me want to get back into the business, well a little.
I love it, now my daughter had a beautiful room, since she is the only girl, and guess who tore the wallpaper off the walls...yes the girl!

mercedes scott said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! Love your post... I mentioned in mine how HAPPY the pink and green combo looks.. and your lovely girl's room truly exemplifies that feeling! :)

Rhonda said...

What a beautiful blog you have!! I love the picture of the pink & green bedroom! This is the first week I have participated in Pink Saturday and I am having so much fun! I have met so many wonderful bloggers!! I am a new blogger; therefore, I am just learning!
I am now a follower of your blog...I hope you will drop by my blog for a visit!!
Looking forward to getting to know you!
~~~rhonda~~~ xoxo

myletterstoemily said...

such exquisite color . . . maybe for a
grand daughter's room, someday.

i haven't forgotten the pringle's challenge
and have something in mind for easter.
are you still hosting that?

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

So sweet and girly!! great room!

Liz said...

Hi Lisa!
This is the sweetest little girls room! Pink and Green are my favorite combination. Love it! :)

Have a great weekend!

Fun With This and That said...

What a wonderful decorating .Iwonder what the rest of the house looks like Laura

Rita said...

Can you imagine having a room as exquisite as that when you were a little girl? Wow! I can't! I'm glad that some little one will enjoy it though. I went to her site and enjoyed what I saw!

paintedlady89 said...

What a super cute room. I love all the pink & green!

Gail said...

Cute room, love pink and green, my to favorite colors. The poodle step stool is to cute.
Happy PS

Marydon said...

Welcome Lisa ... just gorgeous. My kind of colors, for sure.

Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
Have a beautiful weekend ~


bee'nme said...

Hi Lisa!

I happened upon your site by clicking on your badge at Sewn With Grace...loved the name of your blog and I was not disappointed when I got here!! I'm your newest follower...I'm really looking forward to your posts! (oh and I'm a fellow Christian Texan too...Houston area!)

This green and pink palacial girl's room is fabulous! Wow, I really love the idea of a bed in an "alcove" cozy. It shows how easy it would be to achieve that effect with cornice boards and drapes...(the incredible tufted headboard maybe not so easy :o) You could do that look with any style/color/fabric combination.

Thanks for sharing the inspiration!! Have a lovely Sunday!

Hugs & Blessings,

LV said...

What a stunning room. I would not know how to act or what to do in a room like that.

Deanna said...

Hi Lisa and welcome to Pink Saturday!

Wow the deep rich colors are just perfect. I'd want that to be MY bedroom. I'd never go to work either! I would swap that fan for a sparkling crystal chandelier!

Happy Pink and Green Saturday
Deanna :D

Sherry Hayslip said...

What a wonderful treat to stumble upon one of our projects on your blog... and all the wonderful comments as well. We so appreciate your featuring this beautiful bedroom on your pink and green day.
Many thanks,
Sherry Hayslip,
Hayslip Design Associates

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Lisa, I am still catching up on your past blog posts. This pink and green room caught my eye immediately! My college daughters and I are partial to anything pink and green! AKAs!!!

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