Saturday, February 26, 2011

What David Tutera Has Taught Me About God

My youngest daughter and I do not miss WE TV's My Fair Wedding starring David Tutera.
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David is a wedding planner to the stars and on the show a lucky bride receives his services with one catch...HE chooses everything! Yikes! She must trust him to act in her best interest. He sits down with each bride and listens to her vision for her wedding. And some of them have some way out visions! Everything from Alice in Wonderland to frogs. Then they show him what they've planned thus far. When I tell you some of that stuff is a hot mess I mean it is one hot mess!!! He patiently takes it all in and then goes to work. The catch phrase of the show is, "Every bride has a vision, David has revisions." And boy does he. He gives her what she wants and things she didn't know she wanted.

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Isn't this just like The Lord? We pray, telling Him what our vision is for our lives , our careers, our families. He listens, patiently taking it all in. Then he goes to work... The Ultimate Planner. We think we want to pursue one career path until our professor recommends a certain class and everything changes. We are dating one guy when we meet another at a friend's wedding and everything changes. We think we want all girls until that little bundle in a blue blanket is placed in our arms and everything changes. Yes we have a vision for our lives and God has revisions. We pray and trust Him to act in our best interest. I know in my own life He has given me some things I wanted, shielded me from some things I thought I wanted and blessed me with things I never ever knew I wanted.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
and no mind has imagined
what God has prepared
for those who love Him.
1 Corinthians 2:9 NLT

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Rita said...

Isn't that the way with the Lord? He always has our best interest at heart. And He provides so many of our wants, not just our needs! He is precious to us. This was a wonderful post.

Joan said...

Oh yes, and His ways, His thoughts, and His plans are always so much more than we could ever imagine.


sarah said...

I like how you said we have visions...God has revisions...There are definite things I didn't want that He gave and other things I wanted so badly...and He gave....and those things I didn't want....well...He turned them around into something so I know I'm glad for them.

Laura said...

This is wonderful Lisa.
It is exactly what I needed to hear.
thank you friend,


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thank sure you weren't setting my car this morning when I cried out to my husband, "none of it is how I thought it would be...nothing" The truth is it isn't and God has more for me than I could ever dream of imagine.
Thank you so much...this hit the spot.

Pamela said...

I always burst with wonder when I see God's plans for me. Such an encouraging post.

Stacey said...

Lisa, you won the Shabby Apple dress give away! I'm contacting them to find out exactly how to get it to you. Congratulations! :)

Charlotte said...

I've never watched that show. It sounds interesting. I like the way you tied it in to how God plans our lives. It's so true. Thank you for this inspirational post.

Gail said...

I don't watch the TV show, but I heartily agree with the truth of your message.

red.neck chic said...

Lisa - I love this post!!!

;-D robelyn

Liz said...

Oh so True! Sometimes we are so focused on the smallest detail... But he has His eye on the all the details of the big picture! :)