Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lord Challenges Job

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Have you given the horse its strength or clothed its neck with a flowing mane?
Did you give it ability to leap like a locust?
Its majestic snorting is terrifying!
It paws the earth and rejoices in its strength when it charges out to battle.
It laughs at fear and is unafraid. It does not run from the sword.
The arrows rattle against it and the spear and javelin flash.
It paws the ground fiercely and rushes forward into battle when the ram's horn blows.
It snorts at the sound of the horn.
It senses the battle in the distance.
It quivers at the captain's commands and the noise of battle.
Job 39:19-25 NLT

With all of our snow days I finally got to watch Secretariat. This scripture was quoted at the beginning and the end of the movie. It was so powerfully beautiful it gave me chills! If you haven't yet seen the movie (I may have been the last hold-out) it is a great family movie with wonderful life lessons in it.
Today I'm linking up with Charlotte and Ginger for Spiritual Sundays.


Rita said...

I have not seen the movie yet, but have heard that it is a wonderful one. Glad you got to go and see it. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I loved this movie too. I thought it was interesting to watch the video bonuses and learn that when Secretariat died, they did an autopsy and discovered his heart was anatomically twice the size of a normal racehorse. Have a wonderful weekend.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

We loved that movie and I was so inspired!!!! There was so much that God spoke to me through that movie...and this scripture just speaks so loudly this morning...Oh, God is good!
I am going to buy a copy of that movie for future inspiration.

sarah said...

I love the picture of this horse. I've heard of the's good to know you enjoyed it. Will have to check it out. Hope your weekend is great...

Stephani said...

I saw the movie too and it is great! Highly recommend it.

Liz said...

I KNOW! Weren't you amazed at this blatant reference to God?! Just proves that God's word is always perfect! I thought it was an amazing movie. I can't wait to own it! :)


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I cannot wait to see this movie. Thank you for the review.

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MTJ said...

Hi Lisa,

I actually own a copy of this movie, yet I confess, I haven't watched it. I remember watching a recent video of Secretariat and I was moved by the majestic beauty of this race horse.

Thank you for sharing this scripture and your impressions of the movie.

Blessings and peace.


Charlotte said...

We saw Secretariat. I think it is a great movie. I love the way the Bible describes the horses. Thank you for sharing this.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Thank-you for this recommendation,I love watching a good movie.

Sewn With Grace said...

Just love this, Lisa! And, I think I'm the last to hold out, I haven't seen it yet. I will now!

Pamela said...

I haven't seen it but think it's awesome there is Scripture in it. Love you picture.

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