Monday, February 21, 2011

Copycat Laundry Detergent

Because I heart Liz and Karen and because I am a big ole' copycat I too made a batch of Mary Jane's homemade detergent!
Of course I had to make it pretty so I painted and decoupaged a chipboard hatbox using my friend Linda's amazing Rose Coop Farm artwork.
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Isn't it precious and laundry room lovely?

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I made Linda some, too!
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I used the Zote Soap in mine and that made it so pretty and pink! Mind you I bought the Zote MONTHS ago and only when I saw Liz and Karen make theirs did I finally feel compelled to action. Pitiful isn't it? Any hoo...It turned out wonderfully just as Mary Jane said it would. Hop over to Mary Jane's blog The Beehive Cottage for the easy peasy recipe.


Stacey said...

Not pitiful! I'm so impressed that you made it and put it in a pretty box.

myletterstoemily said...

it's so pretty! let us know how your
laundry turns out. i will need a big
'howdy-do' to attempt this gigantic

i'm very impressed!

Liz said...

Oh Lisa! I heart you too! :)

Do you love the soap? It does make a lot!!!!! I'm pretty happy with it.
Your box is darling!!!


my cup of tea said...

A lot of ladies at church do this but I never have. I am excited to try it with the Zote because then it will be pink! LOL
Thank you for sharing!

Rita said...

Oooooh, I love that box you put it in! Enjoy!!!

Karen said...

YAY! I love mine! I am so glad I made it. Just think of the money we are saving - let alone all the clean water we are putting down the drain - not loaded with chemicals and additives.
Are you using the vinegar too? I was leary - but it really does work! And it just smells "clean".
Does the hat box keep the soap "soft" for lack of a better word? I have mine is a glass container on the countertop, but notice the Zote soap is kinda crunchy so guess I need to find a different container.
Even the men around the house like it!
perfect! I am so glad dyou tried it!
I love Liz too!
HUGS! Karen

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