Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brava, Valentine

Adriana Trigiani's
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sequel to Very Valentine is chick lit heaven! It begins in Tuscany at the wedding of our heroine Valentine's eighty year old grandmother. And because we're talking about the Roncallis and the Angelinis hilarity and a scattering of tears ensues.

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Brava, Valentine follows Valentine Roncalli as she struggles to grow her family's business, the Angelini Shoe Company, into a major contender, play nice with her recently downsized banker brother now working with her at ASC, and counsel, console and otherwise corral various sisters, friends and ex-boyfriends all while her gay best friend Gabriel redecorates the brownstone they now share. Exhausted yet? (BTW Gabe, the zebra loveseats with the turquoise silk drapes sound divine!) What's more, she may have found the love of her life. Maybe.
Ms. Trigiani's novel will have you laughing out loud and crying real tears (really) all while endearing you to a family that is perhaps much like your own. This book speaks to family and forgiveness, love and loss and you will find yourself cheering for Valentine through it all.
A heads up...the first book in the Valentine triology, Very Valentine is soon to be a Lifetime movie! The third novel Ciao Valentine is coming out in 2011. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. It would make a fabulous Christmas present for your BFF.

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d. reyné said...

good Morning Lisa!
I haven't had a chance to visit in quite sometime and I am so excited about your book club!
I am going to grab your book club button and can't wait to get out and buy these books!
I am going to have an entire 2 weeks off and plan to spend some of that time READING!

Sewn With Grace said...

I haven't read these books, might have to gift myself this Christmas! :) Thank you for your kind words on my quilt today! Have a good Tuesday!

Jemm said...

I love Adriana Trigiani! I'm reading the last of the Big Stone Gap series right now and LOVED "The Queen of the Big Time". I have "Very Valentine" on my to-read shelf but haven't gotten to it yet.

Hey, I went to the website to enter. I clicked on their link for the complete rules. It says last entry will be accepted on 12/1/10. Is there something more I'm missing? It does sound like an awesome trip!!

Heather J. @ TLC Books said...

I LOVE the idea of giving this as a BFF gift - what a fun present that would make, especially when you get to chat about the book with your BFF later!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.

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