Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shopping For Pets

You remember my little Sophie, don't you?
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Well bless her sweet heart! She's outgrown EVERYTHING! Her little legs hang over her puppy bed! Time for a big girl bed! I thought I'd share some fun things I found on the world wide web.
I know you gals saw this adorable dog crate advertised in the back of this month's Romantic Homes magazine. Sooooo much prettier than the run of the mill pet store variety.
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Visit Casually Elegant Home to see more.

I think these might just be the cutest dog beds ever!
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Please check out Jakey B B's sweet etsy shop to see more.

Look at this precious shabby chic dog bowl.
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Go here to see more cottage lovelies.

OKay. I've got to go bathe the dog. She feels it necessary to go take a swim before she ventures into the woods to chase rabbits. Now she is a wet, muddy mess. I'll take pics after her bath so you can see how big she's gotten ...and how cute.:)


Liz said...

He he he ! We have that dog dish for our kitties.... AND! When I was cleaning out my daughter's old bed room to turn it into the guest room, I found her doll bed. It is in the process of becoming a pet bed. :)

Love the babies!

P.S. we need to see a new picture of Miss Sophie!

cindy said...

ohmygosh...are those not the cutest! I think my kitty cat would even like one! :)


Angela said...

What a cute puppy! Those eyes!
That's quite the nice dog crate - classiest I've seen.
Our family dogs would never lay on a dog bed -they were always on the couch or being held! Spoiled!

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