Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

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Author Helen Simonson's debut novel Major Pettigrew's Last Stand is a charming tale of love the second time around. Major Ernest Pettigrew is a widower residing in the picturesque English village of Edgecombe St. Mary. He has an upwardly mobile snob of a son, a wry sense of humor and more than a passing attraction to Jasmina Ali, the Pakistani widow who owns the neighborhood market.
Grieving the loss of his brother, Majoe Pettigrew finds himself falling hard for the lovely widow Ali. There are long walks in the village, deep discussions on the merits of Kipling and yes, passion. No ripped bodices and heaving bosoms in this saga. This is mature love.Love that gives , that sacrifices, that is capable of stripping away the illusions of tradition and the prejudices of misinformed family and friends.
Oh, and there is the matter of the Churchills; the magnificent inherited twin rifles that have once again been reunited with the passing of Bertie Pettigrew...or have they?
Major Pettigrew is that special sort of novel that we women of a certain age long to read on a cold night in front of a roaring fire while drinking tea in our favorite cup. It is a warm sweet story that you'll remember long after you've finished reading it.
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Liz said...

Oh! This does sound wonderful! I will have to order it and see if the girls want to read it in Feb for Valentine's Day. Thank you for sharing! :)


Karen said...

This sounds like a wonderful book!
Hope you are okay and did not have to deal with flood waters yourself.
Thank you for visiting me and commenting.
Ladybug Creek

stephanie said...

I love reading book reviews on blogs..thanks so much for sharing. Sounds like a great book...

cindy said...

Sounds like my kind of read. I will have to go and take a peep at it! Thanks for the tip!


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