Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Bloggiversary Yvonne!

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Sweetheart blogger Miss Yvonne of Stone Gable fame is having a bloggiversary...Her first and to celebrate she is having a blowout of a giveaway. You must go here to read all about it. Yvonne is so creative and wonderfully generous in sharing her creativity with Blogland. She often posts tutorials on her many floral designs and crafts, she cooks like a pro chef and shares ALL her recipes and her tablescapes are legendary! Drop by here to visit Yvonne and to sign up for her fun giveaway. Tell her Lisa sent you.;)



myletterstoemily said...

good morning, lisa!

i hope some of this lovely fall weather
came south to you, too.

i would love to visit yvonne but can't
seem to find the link.


Liz said...

I'm headin' over now! :)
Love her blog. Didn't know she was doing a give-away...



I'm going to visit her now, thanks! Also thanks for stopping by for a visit, I didn't like the pic of the RA duvet that they had online so thats why I put a pic of my old bedding, lol, it was a little confusing (;

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