Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Things I Wish You

Join me, Kindred Spirits, on a TLC Book Tour.
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This time around the featured book is , A. Manette Ansay's

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haunting novel, Good Things I Wish You,
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the true but fictionalized (fictionalized because all of Clara's letters to Johannes have been destroyed) story of the relationship between Clara Schumann, a celebrated pianist and the wife of composer Robert Schumann, and her husband's handsome young protege, Johannes Brahms; all the while paralleling the romance of Jeanette, a divorced novelist who is struggling to complete the book about Clara, and Jeanette's new lover, a German physician with a complicated past. Confused yet?
The historical romance is a tangled webb of insanity, asylums, passion and unrequited love all set against the backdrop of classical music genius.
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As Jeanette travels through Europe with her new boyfriend,Hart, tracing the footsteps of the historical figures, she uncovers parts of herself reflected in the mirror of Clara's life and loves.
This novel, while thoughtful and poignant, is not a light happy read, but if you are a classical music afficionado with a hankering to read a tragic love story, this is your ticket. There are also beautiful old photos of Clara, Robert and Johannes that you fans of ephemera will certainly appreciate. Please visit the author's website for more info on this fascinating story.
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Anonymous said...

I love that there are photos included - that always helps me connect with the historical figures in a book. I'm really looking forward to reading this one! Thanks for being a part of the tour. :)

Nancy said...

Hi Miss Lisa!!! Thank you so much for all your visits!!!

Oh, how I wish I had the time to read again...I do miss it! I get magazines in the mail and they just pile up. This book sounds like it would be very intriguing and historical...and I so loooove history...of people, towns, decor...you name it!!!


Liz said...

This looks yummy! I bet I would love this one.... I'm a little bogged down in Anna Karenina just now. :)


Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

This looks intriguing. I want to read more..I need to. Right now I'm trying to focus on writing a book so it's hard! Ugh. A prologue and three chapters...yippee. Lol! Hope you're having a great summer, Lisa!

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