Thursday, March 18, 2010

What 'Cha Think About Wallpaper?

Tell me true...what do you think about wallpaper?
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I have always loved wallpaper. Even 10 years ago when we built our house and wallpaper was soooo not IN, I had wallpaper hung in our laundry and bathrooms. I guess I'm just a wallpaper kind of gal.

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The sun is shining in Dallas, Texas and Spring has sprung and it just makes me want to wallpaper something.

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Maybe not a whole room. Maybe some hatboxes for my closet or some old books to stack in the study.

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Tell me. Do you like wallpaper? And what fun projects have you come up with to use it?
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Love the Decor! said...

I love it but don't have it in my home. It is making a huge comeback and the patterns are stunning so maybe ...

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Lisa, I love wallpaper! I only have wallpaper now in my powder room, but in past years I've had it all over. I could look at wallpaper books all day. The only part I hate and why I hesitate to put it up is the chore of taking it down! :(

ClassiclyAmber said...

We don't have any wallpaper in our farmhouse, but I do love a good print! The pink in the dining room that you have featured is so fabulously chic! And I agree...I don't know if I'd ever actually put any up because of the hassles of taking it down. However, it does make me curious about stenciling or free-handing some designs on the wall myself...

Rebecca said...

After having every single room in my home wallpapered for years now there isn't ANY paper anywhere in my house. I still love toiles and soft muted images and so wallpapering may once again be in my home in the near future. Just not sure yet WHERE!.

Love your pretty paper!


donna...@d.reyne's said...

I adore wallpaper and can't imagine ever living without it(in style or not) It is such a wonderful way to cozy up a home!
I currently have a downstairs bathroom, my cottage bath, sewing room and even kitchen wallpapered.
I know I will have more as my house reaches it's completion stages!
Have a wonderful day! It is sunny and cool here in Central Indiana...but still glorious!

Stacey said...

You know, a few of us have asked that question lately and I think that means it's time to bring it back!

red.neck chic said...

I don't have any in the red.neck single-wide... yet. But, I feel the urge to paper lately - so it could happen. LOL However, I do have vinyl on my walls (I have a sign shop) and that is WAY fun because I can change it on a whim... and I have lots of whims!

LOVE the paper options - thank you for sharing them!!!

;-) robelyn

Beverly said...

I just found you through your butto on someones blog. What a cute blog you have. I absolutely love wallpaper, but only have it in the laundry room and adjacent powder room. I have gone from having it throughout the house previously to just in the kitchen and office in my last house. I am glad to see it is making a comeback.
I am getting ready to line my pantry shelves which are in the laundry room with the leftover wall paper. My pantry is supposed to have doors, but my carpenter husband just hasn't gotten around to making them, so I thought I would line the shelves and try to make it cute.

Lisa Kelly said...

Hi from another Lisa who likes wallpaper! My husband has been a realtor for a while...once I went with him to a realtors' open house at a new listing, and they were all talking about how the wallpaper would have to come down- paint it realtor beige! I could not have disagreed more! This house had a beautiful wallpaper I would have been proud of...I guess I'm stuck back in the 90's (or was it the 80's) LOL

ritad said...

Hope it makes a huge come back. I love it, right now I have very little but I do have some walls in my humble little cottage that have been so mistreated paper is almost my only option.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I personally love wallpaper! When we bought our house about 12 years ago the main bath and kitchen were both wallpapered. It only took a year before I had put my own wallpaper up. They are both still up and I still love the bath but I am ready for a change in my kitchen. I think if you love it go for it.

Tee said...

Well I personally can't stand the stuff. Ha! Just kidding! I loves me some wallpaper, especially grasscloth and the hand blocked chinoiserie florals. Ever heard of stringcloth? I discovered it recently while looking for paper for the living room.

Lamp Tramp said...

Yes, I love me some wallpaper! But once it's on a wall, that wall might need some work. Example, one of my bathrooms was wallpapered 3-4 times. When Katrina lower sheetrock was replaced but upper sheetrock had all those layers. Still looking at bumps and ripples in the upper sheetrock. Guess I just should wallpaper it again!

Georgia said...

I love wallpaper, although I don't have it in my home presently. I did wallpaper my dining room and bathroom in a house my ex-husband and I shared. It was a lot of work to hang, but it turned out beautifully.

Beautiful paper samples, Lisa. Thank you for sharing. I pray you're doing well. God bless!

Sewn With Grace said...

I love wallpaper and have it in two bathrooms, my dining room (a lovely read and white toile of two dogs) the inside of the closet, my studio and part of my bedroom. It brings a charm and elegance that is so appealing to me. With left over scraps I wallpapered the inside of the pantry, combing two wallpapers with similar colors. It looks great!

Liz said...

I love wallpaper! It adds such an elegant charm to a room. However, I hate removing it. UGH!

I don't have anything wallpapered right now. But I actually was looking for images for a new blog background and saved a sample very similar to the green and cream that you have. Funny huh? :)

I hope you show us what you end up doing! :)


Shelley said...

Just wanted to stop in and tell you thanks for your prayers and concern. They are very much appreciated indeed....your blog is wonderful and very lovely....blessings

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I've had a wallpaper free zone for about five years now... and, it's starting to call my name again. LOL! I love that dining room in the first photo!!! LOVE it!

myletterstoemily said...

my husband doesn't really like wallpaper,
so i papered my dressing room in the
most frou-frou paper imaginable.

it's a joy every time i enter!

i also papered the inside of an antique

i'm sneaking paper in by bit and

love all the patterns you've shown us.


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