Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spiritual Sundays

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Now therefore, come make a bargain with my master the king of Assyria, and I will give you two thousand horses, if you are able on your part to set riders on them.
Isaiah 36:8

That scripture passage has for years stuck in my mind because it reminds me of one of the first principles I learned concerning the kingdom of God. That principle is: If you just learn to ride, God will give you a horse. In other words, if you will prepare yourself for God's promise, He will bring it to pass.
Tommy Barnett

Thanks to Charlotte and Ginger for hosting Spiritual Sundays.


Whidbey Woman said...

Awesome! Thank you. I have never heard that quote before.

Charlotte said...

I like this insightful comment by Tommy Barnett. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Diva Kreszl said...

What a wonderful passage to share with us!

A Little Of This And That said...

I believe God equips those that He calls. Amen.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

WOW! I liked that, this was good.
God Bless,

Debbie said...

I have not heard that before. It was great, thanks for sharing it. Blessings, Debbie said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the beautiful inspirational post. I love the passage and it is oh so true.
Have a peaceful Sunday.
P.S. Thank you for the information on the RSH on line shop.

Clif said...

Excellent. Tommy Barnett's church is not far from us here in Phoenix. I love to hear him preach. He preaches with great passion.

Melissa Miller said...

So beautiful Lisa. Thank you for sharing.

The Eiffel Tower tassel was made by Angela at "The Tassel House". She has a lovely Etsy shop and I have ordered many others from her as well. She is wonderful! The last time I checked she was on a break though and wasn't making any tassels right now. Bummer...

Many blessings to you sweet lady. ~Melissa :)

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Very good point. I agree, God equips who he calls or maybe he only calls those who he knows can handle the situation.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I came over from Melissa's Heart & Home to read about the book club, and I was enriched by a beautiful scripture and interpretation of that scripture. Thank you. I'm probably going to join the book club. That's a great idea. I'll be back. laurie

Liz said...

We love Tommy Barnett here in Phoenix. He pastors one of the biggest churches here in the valley. Truthfully, I don't remember reading that passage before. Isn't it amazing how you can read the bible all the way through and still find things that you missed!?
Thanks for sharing!
P.S. I almost posted this without telling you what I came over to tell you.... You won one of the White House Ornaments!!! YAY!

Melissa Miller said...

Lisa type in The Tassel House/Etsy and Angela's shop will pull up for you. She is back making tassels again and even has the most adorable Eiffel Tower tassel in pink. It looks just like it was made for you. Happy shopping!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing that with us this Sunday morning.
♥ Teresa

sarah said...

wow. that is so cool. I never read that before. Thank you for sharing it. Sarah

SmilingSally said...

Right, Lisa, we do need to prepare. Thank you for sharing.

Renee said...

This is new to me, and very insightful. Thank you for sharing it with us.. God bless.

Janet said...

I'll have to remember this! What a fun thought! If I just learn to ride, God will give me a horse. Thank you for sharing.

Cathy said...

Lovely post!!! I am so thankful for my friendship with you...your christian spirit is so uplifting to me!!!

God bless you darling lady!!!

trish said...

I had not considered that. Many times I have heard that if we just show up, with a willing heart, the Lord will do the rest. I can attest to that! When He called me to homeschool my children I was convinced that He had the wrong girl for the job. I am overwhelmed at how close He held me through those years (over 10). I seriously had to rely on Him constantly! I will never forget what He did during those moments. :o)
Thanks for sharing!!
Are you very far in your book?
I have really enjoyed it and can't wait to hear how you and others have felt while reading. :o)
Good night.

April Mitchell said...

Love your thoughts!! Thanks This one goes on the fridge : )

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