Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Sprinkles Kind of Day

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Last week was the Hubster's Birthday and like a good wife-y I went to get him his fave cupcakes.

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As usual the line was out the door.Not to worry. I placed my order on the web and marched right to the head of the line and got my Red Velvet cupcakes.

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Yeah. Me and Sprinkles. We got it like that.


Melissa Miller said...

~Awesome! I want some Lisa.

Happy Birthday to your hubby! :)

Karen said...

This is the 2nd post in 2 days that had mentioned Sprinkles! I need to investigate. I wonder if we have one around here . . .
Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!
:) Karen

red.neck chic said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!!! Those look so good...can I eat one for breakfast? LOL

Have a wonderful day!!!
;-) robelyn

donna said...

I Love cupcakes! These look absolutely fabulous!
I hope your hubby had a wonderful day!
Blessing to

April said...

I LoVe Sprinkles, Lisa!!! But your strawberry cupcakes are still the best!!!

Suburban Princess said...

I saw these on Martha ages ago and I thought they looked awesome!

I love how they did special birthday ones for you!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Hubster!!! The cupcakes look yummy! Hey Lisa my b-day is in March hehe!!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby!!! Isn't it always a Sprinkles kind of is in my world!!!

You are a sweet wifey to make them so cute for him;)!!!

I feel a trip to buy cupcakes coming on...look what you have done...hehe!!!


nannykim said...

hmmm, ya'll must be Southern

Liz said...

HE HE HE! I just told my daughter the other day that I was craving a really good cupcake! Dang!

Now I have to have some. :)


cindy said...

LOL! So you've got connections eh? Maybe you can get me in! :D

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