Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rooster Party

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Thank you Barb at Bella Vista for hosting this fun bloggy get-together!

Come go with me on a little stroll through House Hospitable and see what Rowdy Roosters live here.
Since you Kindred Spirits are such good friends, you can come in the side door and you can ring this bell
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Roosters live on the valance in my breakfast room...
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and the pillows on the bench below.
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This dapper don and delightful diva reside on the farmhouse table.
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Sometimes perching on a quilted rooster tablerunner my sweetheart Mother made me, near a group of rooster nested boxes.
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These rooster needlepoint pillows have a home on the barstools.
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A rooster lamp and his missus abide on the pine hutch.
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A fun rooster teapot from my dear friend Joan
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Another rooster lamp. Can you ever have too many rooster lamps? Naw!
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A tray above the coffee bar.
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A little rooster love on the bulletin board.
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My rooster potrack. No, I still haven't dusted it.:)
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Thanks for stopping by! My door is always open!


Mary said...

Hey, Lisa...I'm looking at your roosters, and thinking I need more color! They are wonderful! I should have gone over to my sister's house to take pictures...she's got what seems to be hundreds of roosters! Mine look so blah...but they do look a little better in my house than they do in pictures. Happy Rooster Day! Mary

Stacey said...

Hi Lisa. Your roosters are so pretty. Your kitchen is beautiful. Love the chandelier! Mine is similar but it's cream color and doesn't show up like that. Hmmm...spray paint maybe?

Nancy said...

Hi Lisa, I love the roosters and that chandi is adorable! Nancy

Karen said...

Hey LIsa! What a treat! What a collection! It makes me miss my old house (well .. . just a little) because it was a ranch style and country themed and I had LOTS of roosters there! I could just kick myself for selling 1/2 of what I sold at our moving sale.
I think my favorite would have to be the bell. I think that is just fab.
Thanks for sharing!!!
Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds
p.s. I wouldn't dust it either! If anyone says anything - they are looking WAAAAYYYYY too close at your house! (hehehe)

Vicki said...

Hi, Lisa,
Thank you for letting me visit your home and see all your wonderful roosters. I loved it all! Have a good end of the week and a great weekend. Vicki

Sharing with Sherri said...

What a great collection of roosters! I especially LOVE the needlepoint cushion, sooo cute!!

Enjoy the party!

Liz said...

Love Love Love the combo chandy and pot holder! But I also love the needlepoint pillows. A very cute collection of roosters. :)


Melissa Miller said...

Lisa you have some truly unique beauties here! LOVE your amazing and gorgeous potrack. ~WOW!
Your fabric is beautiful as well that you used in the curtain valance and pillows. ~Lovely.

The green dishes are 50% off right now at CB! I hope you find them my friend! I bought the last of em' at ours. They do have some matching pieces like larger bowls and such that I may go back for.

Have a wonderful weekend, ~Melissa :)

Bearly Sane said...

The quilted runner is what caught my eye...thanks for sharing all your roosters!
Sandi - My Roosters Party On

Cathy said...

Oh I love the valance and the pillow and the potrack and the...I love them all!!! You sure know how to flaunt you rowdy roosters;)!!!

Have a wonderful Friday...sweet Lisa!!!

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Lisa, your rooster collection is gorgeous! I love the rooster chandelier/pot rack. (I don't see any dust.)

Happy Rooster Party!


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Lisa, every single picture is simply stunning! What a lovely collection you have. I have the same rooster tray. Wow.....I love everything and will have to return to look some more!

Thank you for sharing with us and being a very special part of this day.

Barb :-)

An Accomplished Woman said...

Your roosters are so pretty. I love the pot rack!!!


Michelle said...

Hey Lisa! I never knew you had so many rooster things! I love everything...especially that bell and the chandelier..oh that chandelier is fabulous. Everything is!

Have fun at the party and happy Friday!


JKW said...

I love the fabrics. I keep looking for them everywhere. As many people that love roosters, you'd think. . . well I'll keep looking. Love the rooster collection and the way they are displayed. Blessings, Janet

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh, Lisa, I loved ALL your roosters so much, I'm not sure I could pick out a favorite! I CAN say I got a kick out of meeting Dapper Don and Delightful Diva!! (0; Hope you're having fun with all the rooster festivities today, and that you have a wonderful weekend too! ~tina

Connie said...

I've never been to your blog before but it's darling, sugar! Taking me a long time today to make the rounds of "Roosters"! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, chickee...

Debbie said...

Nice collection of roosters. Love the bell and chandelier. Debbie

Candy said...

Enjoyed the tour and love the needle point cushion. A little dust never hurt anyone. I thought it all looked very nice, warm and cozy ;-)

D said...

Hi, Lisa,
Lovely blogs. Thanks for stopping by mine.
Love your roosters and the way you display them.

Melissa Miller said...

Lisa I went shopping for rooster lamps today and could not find a thing....BooHoo! I'll check out the internet.

~Blessings, Melissa :)

Becky K. said...

Wow! You do love roosters.
What a great collection...

Happy Rooster Party

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Barb said...

Hi Lisa,

You have a serious rooster collection and I LOVE it! Your blog is also quite spectacular. The toile background is just so feminine. I'm so happy I found your blog.


Katie said...

Love it, it looks great. I am working on a fabric covered ottoman with toile stay tuned. How have you been?

Elise said...

Hi, I just had to stop by to leave you a comment to say what a wonderful blog you have here. Interesting and creative posts, along with great pictures - perfect ! Thank you for sharing them and best wishes.. have a great weekend..

Lara Harris said...

Love the outdoor bell, how fun!:)

Stella said...

Great pictures. My favorite thing is the needlepoint pillows. Did you do them? Thanks for sharing.

Rhondi said...

Hi Lisa
You have a wonderful collection of roosters. I like the chandelier one the best. Sorry I am so late for the party!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Lisa,

I love the roosters! Especially the dapper don and delightful diva.

~ Tracy

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Wonderful roosters! I love your pot rack, and those needlepoint pillows are beautiful! I wouldn't let my family sit on them. As a blogger who is crazy for toile, I am loving your background too. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a nice note. laurie

cindy said...

All simply devine! That potrack is wonderful!

yapping cat

juls4real said...

Really cool pot rack. Thanks for sharing,


gin said...

really a nice showing of all your roosters!!

Sarah said...

Lisa, I'm sorry I'm so late arriving. It's been a busy weekend away from the computer! Love all your roosters and the clever way you presented them. Great post! Thanks for sharing. If you have time, stop by my place for some more rooster fun. Sarah @

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Still making the rounds. What a lovely collection. I love the Rooster Bell.

Irma :)

Julie said...

Hi I love yor Roosters, Yes I am still trying to get to all the great party's.... I am having a give-a-way to celebrate my 1 month Blogoversary.... Please stop over at my place to celebrate ...

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Wow!! Your rooster collection and designs are fabulous! I love the valance!! Very nice!! Thanks for stopping by!! Hugs!

Kim said...

I love dapper don & delightful diva the best. And "no" you can never have too many rooster lamps. I like the 2nd one the best. thanks for visiting my rooster post & leaving me a comment.

Miss Janice said...

Oooooh, I love the Rooster bell and the needlepoint cushions...awesome. Love all your Rooster stuff!

nannykim said...

mmmmm love that chandelier!!

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