Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kool Aid Play-Doh

I help teach a kindergarten Sunday School class and you know how you always seem to have more time than lesson? Well I remembered this from my room mother days. It's so easy and the kids love that it smells. Also makes a great rainy day activity come Summer!
The Recipe:
I cup flour
1/2 cup salt

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3 tablespoons cooking oil
I pack Kool Aid - any flavor

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1 cup boiling water
Add boiling water to dry ingredients. Stir until cool enough to handle. Knead until smooth.

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Store in zip lock bags in fridge.

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Super easy and a fun activity to have in your SuperMom or SuperGramma bag of tricks!


newlyweds said...

What a great craft. I will have to keep this recipe when my boys get a little older. How fun.

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Hi. You have a lovely blog here and such great content. I've added you to the list of blogs I follow.

Michelle said...

I love homemade Play-Doh! If it smelled like Kool-Aid I would probably eat it though. LOL Thank you for your comforting words on my last post. :) It always helps to get words like yours from blogging friends who are there for you. :) Didn't eat pancakes but Dots were fine.

Liz said...

Why I never! :) Not from Kool Aid anyway...
How fun!

Nancy said...

Oh how fun! I will have to make this for my niece, but ofcourse I will have to send it home with her...LOL ;) Nancy

Elyse said...

very fun and probably smells much nicer than regular play-doh.


Bella Blogger said...

Hi Lisa, Please stop by my blog, I have something for you.
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Saleslady371 said...

I am going to be that super grandma with your help, dear Lisa! She's only 7 months now, so I'll have to file this!

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