Friday, April 10, 2009


Recently, I happened upon the most delightful shop. "Smitten" is its name and smitten is just what you'll be once you enter the doors of this magical world

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Six talented women, with creativity to spare, came together to open this retail wonderland where they re-use, re-purpose and re-fresh.

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Oh, Kindred Spirits you know I do love old typewriters.

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A spectacular armoire

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A sweet shell box

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A mosaic tabletop

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They even teach classes!

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Please stop by this precious shop and tell them Lisa sent you.
118 E. Louisiana
McKinney, Texas

PS Check out this blog belonging to Smitten shopkeeper Kaci!


Stacey said...

Lisa, I will try to get to this shop. I absolutely love to take trips to McKinney! Thanks. Happy Easter.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Looks like a great shop! Wish I were closer. Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!

Angie said...

Such beautiful things! I would love to go there and shop!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

What wonderful treasures, wish I was closer.
You have a wonderful blog, will visit again.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I've been on a blogging break a medical now, I've been enjoying a stroll through the posts I've missed.
What a lovely adventure. Such a pity I don't live close enough to shop at their boutique.
I'm happy to have seen it through your photos.

Stop by for a visit, the companies always nice. Sweet Wishes,

Katie said...

I could so go visit this place if only I lived in TX. I wish...

cindy said...

ohhhhh, I do love their shop. It is, quite simply a droolfest for me. Unladylike I know, but oh so wonderful. My sweet hub always watches my face as we enter, because he says it's so much fun to see my reaction to all of the things that (I think) are all so gorgeous!

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