Friday, April 17, 2009


Raising daughters, to be sure, is a lesson in style. The Grad Student's style is hippy re-mix boho chic, while the Thespian is into bright skinny jeans and frilly dresses. I, on the other hand, am quite content to shop at that bastion of matronly conservatism, Talbots. But one store we can all agree on is Anthropologie.

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A few of my faves from Anthro...
My absolute favorite sweater in the whole wide world

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Some rather pretty tea towels

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A lovely gift from the Grad Student

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The before mentioned Grad Student worked at Anthropologie after graduation from under-grad while waiting for news of grad school. She was in the company of a group of young women who were at various crossroads in their lives. Is he THE one? Would he propose? Will I get THE job? What about grad school? Which school? But in the creative whirlwind of Anthropologie came Clarity. The proposal was given and accepted, THE perfect job manifested, and the acceptance letter arrived. It was so touching to see these precious young women who finding themselves at Anthro, eventually FOUND themselves at Anthro.


cindy said...

Love the tea towels.


Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Can you believe that I have never gotten to go in one of those amazing stores. I keep hearing about it in blogland but we don't have one. I am going to have to be on the lookout when I travel because I know I would love everything in here. :)

Katie said...

I love this store but the clothes are so expensive. I have a couple things from there that my mom has gotten me. Love it.

Michelle said...

Oh dang, Lisa! Why do you do this to me. Now I feel like I have to go and I try so hard to avoid Anthropologie because I always want everything but that tea towel in the middle is so flippin adorable! If I buy it I'm blaming you. ;)

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, I love that store...I have only been in one and I think that was FL...can't remember forsure...but I loooove the clothes!!!
Those are adorable towels too!

Tracy said...

Hi Lisa! I've never been to Anthropologie. Not sure if there is one anywhere around here. Those tea towels are precious.
Have a great weekend!
(I was going to work in the yard this weekend...but it is raining) I think y'all got it too? Oh well will be good for the flowers. :)

sparkled*life said...

I love that plate! It is so beautiful! I love your blog it is so wonderful! I can't wait to stop by again soon to see what all else you are up to!

Liz said...

Okay! I don't mean to be snotty.... but I really need those tea towels! :) Anthropology is is one of my all time favorite stores. Even when I am feeling fat I can go in there find something that I need! :) (like those T-towels) LOL!

What fun that your daughter worked there and you got to watch these lovely young ladies transition in to the next stage of life. It would make a great chick flick!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Anonymous said...

We were just at our local Anthropology store day before yesterday. (about 5 minutes from our house) I love looking around there. I even bought a top on sale there this time. It's the first time I've ever bought a piece of clothing there. It is a really neat place to shop.

Catherine Holman said...

Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by to sign up for my giveaway.
Good luck,

AndreaLeigh said...

i've never shopped in an actual antrho store but i've browsed online and drolled. i love vintage-y cardigans and that one is super cute!

I'm just getting around to catching up with everyone. I wanted to say thanks so much for your sweet words about my uncle. It meant a lot to me!

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